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Scenes from Las Nieves (2022)

Inspiration for the film

"When I found myself working as an assistant teacher at an elementary school in the south of Spain, I was reminded of what it was like to be a child again. In an attempt to honor my graduating sixth graders, I made Scenes from Las Nieves. This short film is a love letter to Las Nieves Elementary School and all its students – a celebration of the tender moments we shared and the tiny faces I want to remember forever." - Kathy Michelle Chacón, Writer and Director

Watch the short film now!

Scenes from Las Nieves is now available to watch on YouTube.

Film Credits

Written and Directed by Kathy Michelle Chacón

Narrators Nerea Aguilocho Cuéllar, Darío Otero González, Silvia Torres Gutiérrez

Post Production John R. Ambriz

Special Thanks to Encarni, Rocio, Sara, Belén, Marta, Raquel, Macarena, Juan, Angel, Juan Antonio, Mario, Cati, Cristobal and all the 2021-2022 students of Colegio Las Nieves

Fun Fact The budget on this film was 20 Euros

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